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To use Myriobiblos Desktop Theme...

you must install it on a Windows 95/98/NT or 2000 computer using our installation package and the necessary password. If you don't have the password, please follow this link to get it.

2) You must have a theme manager, like the one provided with some Windows versions or MS Plus. You can download now a free and more powerful manager from this address.

3) You must uninstall any previous version of the theme, before installing this one.


4) After installation finishes, you should run the "Myriobiblos Theme" file, located in the application's program group at your Start Menu. Your themes manager will load the theme letting you decide which features to apply on your system.


5) There are three versions of the theme, each for a different screen resolution -  1152x864, 1024x768 and 800x600. Make sure you have downloaded the correct version for your system.

6) You can undo all changes by applying some other theme, or the Windows default theme, using your theme manager. You can change specific options using your theme manager or the "Display Properties" and "Sound" applets of your Control Panel.


7) Installation places in your startup folder a shortcut to TransDesk, a free utility by Iglyph Design, that makes desktop icons transparent. In order for transparency to be retained, you should not use the "active desktop" Windows feature.

8) In order for the mouse highlight effect to work, your folder options should be set to "single-click to open an item", and "underline only pointed items".


Myriobiblos Desktop Theme is free. You can copy the setup program to archive it or you can give it to anyone, provided that you won't charge for it.


Note: sometimes Windows icon cache may become corrupted, so that desktop icons appear distorted or are totally changed. This is a confirmed Windows problem. Please visit Microsoft's Knowledge Base for instructions on how to solve it - articles Q132668 (win95/98), Q199152 (winNT) and Q133733 (win95/98/NT). Alternatively, there are some free utilities which rebuild the icon cache automatically, like ActiveIcon or (the easier) TweakUI.


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