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Η Ορθοδοξία στη Νεοελληνική Ποίηση

Ανθολογία ποιημάτων

Nikiforos Vrettakos

A smaller world

Ι seek a shore where Ι can fence in
a patch of the horizon with
trees or reeds. Where, gathering infinity,
Ι can have the sense that: there are nο machines
or very few; there are nο soldiers
or very few; there are nο weapons
or very few, and those few aimed at the exit
of the forests with wolves; or that there are nο merchants
or very few at remote
points οn the earth where
paved roads have not yet been laid.
God hopes that
at least in the poets' sobs paradise will never cease to exist.

(Diary, translated by Rick Μ. Newton ) 





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