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Elias Economou

An Orthodox View of the Ecological Crisis

3.1 The Composition and the Integrity of Nature.

Starting from the study of the Bible because as Basil of Caesarea says "the greatest way to find the appropriate task is through the study of the inspired Scriptures" (2nd Letter, to Gregorios BEPES 55,14), we recognise the three biblical states of the natural environment: the original, its negative conversion and the cause or factor of its conversion. All are expressed in Genesis. The first in chapter 1 and 2, and in Ezekiel 28,13 f. "the second in ch. 3, and the third in chapter 2 and 3, as well as in Ezekiel 28,15f, and in John's Revelation, ch. l3ff.

Regarding the original natural environment of original mankind, we see waters, i.e. sea, rivers; plants, i.e. fruit-trees, decorative-trees, etc.; animals and minerals. And all these were made by God who saw that the natural environment "was very gοοd" .This last evaluation includes the categories of order and harmony, which were expressed in ancient Greek thought through the word "cosmos", i.e. ornament. According to St. Gregory Nanzianzen "the Maker-Logos joined everything in order that it be cosmos, as it is said, and inaccesible beauty; and nobody can create anything more brilliant or more magnificent", (Oratio 6, Eirenikos, P.G. 35,740C). The natural world, earth included, has God-created integrity that must not be abused by human activity, for it belongs to the absolute dominion of God.

Μan's natural environment is οn Earth; "Divine Scripture clearly teaches us that paradise is under this heaven, in which the sunrises and under which the Earth is to be fοund", (Theophilus of Antioch, ad Autolycum B 24 ΒΕΡΕS 5,37-38).

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