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  • Beyond Theologia Crucis: Jesus of Nazareth from Q to John via Paul
  • Reconciliation as a pneunatological mission paradigm
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    Biographical Note

    Dr. Petros Vassiliadis is the President of the World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI) He is Professor of N.T. at the Theological Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in which he also teaches Missiology and Inter-religious Dialogue. He is also member of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of WCC and member of the Synodical Committees of Inter-Orthodox and Inter-Christian Relations, and Liturgical Renewal of the Church of Greece. He is one of the translators of the New Testament into Modern Greek. He is Vice-President of the Society for Ecumenical Studies and Inter-Orthodox Relations, editor-in-chief for Eastern and South-eastern Europe of the English monograph series INTERNATIONAL STUDIES IN FORMATIVE CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM, and of the Greek monograph series ECCLESIA-KOINONIA-OIKOUMENE, and co-editor of the Greek the monograph series COMMENTARIES of the N.T. and BIBLIOTHECA BIBLICA.

    He wrote more than 100 scholarly articles (almost half of them in English, most of which are displayed in his website (

    Among his major books are:

    • The Q-Dodument Hypothesis (doctoral dissertation), 1977.

    • Cross and Salvation. The Soteriological Background of the Pauline Teaching of the Cross, 1983

    • CHARIS-KOINONIA-DIAKONIA: The Collection Project of Paul, 1985

    • Βiblical Hermeneutical Studies, 1988,

    • Eucharist and Witness. Orthodox Perspectives on Unity and Mission of the Church, 1998.

    • ΛΟΓΟΙ ΙΗΣΟY. Studies in Q, 1999.

    • Post-Modernity and the Church, 2002.

    • PAUL: Trajectories in his Theology. I, 2004.

    • Lex orandi. Liturgical Theology and Liturgical Renewal,2005.

    • The Sayings of Jesus: The most Ancient Gospel, 2005.

    • Orthodox Theology and Ecumenical Dialogue (ed.), 2005.