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St Maximus the Confessor
Feast day: 21 January

St Maximus was born at the end of the 6th century in Constantinople of noble parents and received an excellent philosophical and theological education. Under the Emperor Heraclius (610641), he was among the imperial counsellors. Seeing the spread of the heresy of the Monothelites, with which even the Emperor himself was infected, he left the imperial palace and joined the monks in the Chrysopolis Monastery. Subsequently, Venerable Maximus became the superior of this monastery.

More on St Maximus and the Monothelite heresy see on Allen & Neil Introduction.

On Myriobiblos Library, Section Patrology / Studies:
  • Introduction to Maximus the Confessor by Pauline Allen & Bronwen Neil
  • Maximos Confessor Οn Τhe Infinity Of Μan by Pan. Christou
  • The Church in St. Maximus' Mystagogy by Fr George Dragas

    On Section Patrology/Texts
  • Works (the original texts)
  • Mystagogy (full text, in modern Greek)
  • Chapters on Charity (selection, in modern Greek)

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