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On Line Library of the Church of Greece

to play audio or video files...

you must have Windows Media Player 6.2 or later.


Note: you may have this player but still not be able to hear the audio files immediately. In this case some of the necessary audio codecs might need to be installed. Windows Media Player automatically finds and downloads those files. Please be patient and wait for the components to be installed. You will see the download process at the player's status bar.

 WM Player downloading necessary components


Note 2: If you receive the message "Cannot open 'http://..., etc..
Please verify that the path and filename are correct and try again
", open media player, and go to "View" -  "Options". Select the "Advanced" option, and then hit the "Change" button. A dialog should appear with an "HTTP" section at the bottom. Play with two options - "Use browser proxy settings", or "No proxy"; one of them should solve your problem.

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